15 April 2024
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Summer Showcase 2023 

2024 Summer Showcase Registration 
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Summer Showcase 2023

The Ball Summer Showcase in its Oxfordshire Trial Grounds has become one of the key trade events in the horticultural diary, attended by over 2,000 nurseries, retailers, landscapers and gardening media.

This year visitors were provided with an extensive presentation of Annuals and Perennials as retail bench and merchandised trolley displays, with the plants grown in a range of pots sizes to help growers and retailers see the real market potential of each variety.

Along with basket, container and flower bed displays, one of the popular areas on display is the product managers trialling area of over 2,000 experimental Annual and Perennial varieties. This provides visitors full transparency on ‘What’s cooking in the kitchen’, a great insight to the continuous stream of future new plant varieties.

“We were delighted by the increased number of visitors to this year’s summer showcase. It was so encouraging to see how much the displays and trials are valued and utilised by growers, retail buyers and landscapers in planning for their 2024 season. The New Varieties Theatre was also extremely well received, providing all those who came an exclusive preview of what will be new in the 2024 catalogues” Stuart Lowen, Marketing Manager

In time-honoured tradition, visitors took the opportunity to vote for their favourite Annual and Perennial varieties from any of the trials and plant displays using a ‘Bue Flag’.

We counted these flags every day for over 4 weeks and are delighted to share these results with you. Over 1,500 votes were cast, providing a most useful measure of what look to be the ‘stand-out’ Annual and Perennial plants for 2024:

Click below for a sneak peak of What was New for 2024 at this year's Summer Showcase!

Over 60 years of Plant Trials

Ball Colegrave has been conducting plant variety trials and customer open days from their Trial Grounds in West Adderbury for 60 years.

Today’s Trial Grounds not only presents the companies wide assortment of catalogue varieties in a rich display of settings and retail ideas, but also comprehensively evaluates thousands of new future lines before introduction. This ensures that when a product is introduced in the Ball Colegrave catalogues, our staff and visitors have seen it and know it really does perform well under UK growing conditions!

For more information please contact Customer Services on 01295 811 833

For directions to Ball Colegrave, please click on this link.

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