25 January 2020
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Impatiens Downy Mildew

Impatiens Downy Mildew this season

All of the Impatiens Walleriana seed-raised plugs supplied by Ball Colegrave will have been treated with the pre-emergence fungicide ProPlant, and a pre-despatch fungicide Fenomenal.

You are strongly recommended to continue protective measures during your plant production.
There can be no guarantee that plants will remain disease free after planting out.

We have no history of the disease on our production facility but as support to our industry in trying to reduce possible sources of the disease Ball Colegrave Ltd. are not trading cutting raised Impatiens walleriana this season. The seed raised plants therefore will not come in contact with cutting raised material during production or delivery.

Maybe you are aware of the Industry wide problems in the UK since the 2011 season, caused by Downy Mildew disease on planted out Impatiens walleriana varieties. This has resulted in disappointment with the performance of some of the plants and their failure to develop into the stunning displays we have come to expect.

Throughout our Summer Open Days we have listened to the concerns of our customers, whether they are directly involved in growing, landscaping or retailing. We understand why some would like to consider alternative products to Impatiens for part of their production next season.

For a few examples of alternative varieities of bedding to use, which provide vibrant and exciting displays of colour, see our Best of British Leaflet.

Impatiens Hawkerii Divine is highly resistant to Downy Mildew, and the only seed raised New Guinea Impatiens on the market. Perfect in premium packs, pots and containers, and an outstanding garden performer. If you've put your standard Impatiens Walleriana Programme on hold and you're looking for alternatives..... Try disease resistent Divine!

Our Plant and Seed Catalogues continue to list an extensive range of Impatiens as seed, plugs & cutting raised young plants with the exception of Impatiens Fiesta, Fiesta Ole and the Patchwork Series.

We follow the most up to date, best practice advice available in the production of our young plant plug range. This will include pre-delivery preventative fungicide applications, to give our plants the best start. As always the product will be quality checked before despatch to ensure that symptoms of the disease are not visible.

You can try to minimise problems during your own production by:

  • Starting with clean, disinfected hygienic glasshouse growing conditions for each batch.
  • Inspecting all your Impatiens plants on arrival and regularly as they grow. Leaf yellowing, mottling and stunting are possible early signs of infection. White spores develop underneath the leaves as the infection progresses.
  • Removing, bagging and destroying symptomatic plants from the growing area.
  • Maintaining good nutrition, warm temperatures and low humidity in the growing area.
  • Planning to include disease prevention measures. For up to date advice ask your fungicide supplier or be aware of the current ADAS and AHDB recommendations.

Ball Colegrave October 2017

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