20 October 2020
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Support British Growers by using the New Home Grown scheme

Gardeners looking to buy British pot plants this year should look out for the new Home Grown logo to guarantee the plant they are buying is a quality, British plant.

With one third of all pot plants sold each year in the UK coming from abroad, the British Protected Ornamentals Association has developed a new set of standards to underpin its new trade mark to give confidence to both consumers and growers.

The new mark will trace the plant back to the nursery where it was grown. Behind the logo, the new standards or Code of Practice will ensure that:

  • Home Grown suppliers will confirm in writing that they comply with relevant legislation on health and safety, employment, pesticide use (crop protection) and environmental protection
  • BPOA inspections will be carried out to ensure growers are compliant
  • Only growers following the new BPOA Code will be able to use the new Home Grown logo

Sarah Fairhurst, chairman of the BPOA, said: “Giving consumers a logo which helps them differentiate between an imported plant and a UK-produced plant is essential. Buying a British plant not offers many positive benefits to the local economy, in terms of supporting local business and providing employment, it also helps to increase investment in the UK – which is crucial at this time.”

“Plants produced in the UK are specifically grown for the home market, to meet local climatic conditions by variety, garden performance and pre-conditioning. This means there are environmental benefits to be had too. They can reduce the environmental impact of production and transportation; reduce trade miles and the carbon footprint of the plant-growing industry.”

“Home Grown is already a well recognised logo within the industry trademark. The BPOA’s launch of the new logo, together with the new Code of Practice, will ensure that consumers will be able to support British growers by looking out for the logo on the plants they buy.”

For more information on Home Grown, please visit http://www.bpoaonline.co.uk/Home-Grown/Home-Grown/ or contact:

British Protected Ornamentals Association (BPOA)
PO Box 691
PO19 9NA
Tel: 01243 784699

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