20 July 2024
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KinderGarden Plants 
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KinderGarden Plants

KinderGarden Plants

Our range of Seedlings and Young Plants has been carefully selected to provide
you with the most comprehensive collection of the best new and traditional varieties
from around the world. Germinated or rooted in high tech professional facilities ensures the very best start in life, providing strong healthy plants that,
with just a little support from you, will grow on to reward you all summer long.
A good choice is one thing and healthy plants are essential but, at KinderGarden
Plants we want to be sure that your plants will provide you with that unforgettable
display that’s why we have selected only those varieties with proven garden performance.


Quality Plants

The best garden displays start with the best quality plants. Grown in our high tech facility ensures the best possible start. Grown in our new “No Pot” glue plug means easy planting without root disturbance that means quick establishment and healthy plants.



Available Locally

KinderGarden plants are available nation wide from February through March and into April. A limited range is also available from some centres during January. To check availability in your area we suggest you use our STOCKISTS page to locate your nearest retailer then contact them directly to check when they will be stocking our range.


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