23 January 2022
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Abutilon Bella A13

Ageratum A1 Alstroemeria Inticancha A16 Alyssum A5

Anemone Harmony A14

Angelonia Archangel A11b Angelonia Serena A11a
Antirrhinum A2
Aquilegia Swan A10b Argyranthemum Madeira A9 Aster Starlight A8 Autumn Splendour (Autumn Foliage) A12
Begonia B1 Begonia Dragon Wing & Baby Wing B2 Bellis B6 Brachsycome Bravo B3
Bulbs B5 Calceolaria (Indoor) Dainty C5 Calceolaria (Outdoor) C4 Calibrachoa Cabaret and Can Can C14
Calibrachoa Kabloom C19 Campanula Rapido C18 Canna Cannova C7
Carnation (Dwarf) C8
Celosia C9 Celosia Dragon's Breath C20 Chrysanthemum (Garden Mums) C11

Cineraria C2

Cineraria Senetti C15 Cleome Odyssee C10 Cosmos Sonata C16
Cyclamen C3
Dahlia D3 Dahlia Dahlietta D2 Dianthus Flow D8

Dianthus D1

Dianthus Pink Kisses and Oscar D10 Dianthus Sunflor D7 Diascia Diamond D5 Dichondra D4
Fuchsia F3 Fuchsia Southern Belles F2 Gazania G1 Geranium (Regal Pelargonium) G10
Geranium (Zonal) Toscana® Green Leaf G11 Geranium (Zonal) Toscana® Dark Leaf G12 Geranium G2 Gerbera Revolution G13

Godetia Satin G3
Grasses G8 Hypoestes H2 Impatiens I1
Impatiens Clockwork I12 Impatiens SunPatiens I11 Isotoma (Laurentia) Gemini Blue I10 Linaria L2
Lisianthus (Pot) L4 Lobelia L3 Marigold M1 Matthiola (Stock) Cinderella M7
Matthiola (Stock) Hot Cakes M6 Mesembryanthemum M4 Mimulus M5 Nemesia N2
Nicotiana N1 Ornamental Brassica (Kale) O1 Ornamental Millet O4 Osteospermum 3D O7
Osteospermum Akila O3 Osteospermum Serenity O5 Osteospermum Voltage O6 Outback Plants O2
Pansy and Viola P1 Pansy Trailing Cool Wave P11 Petunia Baby Doll P17 Petunia Night Sky P9
Petunia P2 Petunia Wave P8 Phlox 21st Century P5
Primrose & Polyanthus P4
Primula Belarina P10 Primula obconica Libre P6 Ranunculus R1
Rudbeckia Toto R2
Salvia Big Blue S8 Salvia Mystic Spires Blue S7 Salvia S1
Strawberry S3
Sunflower (Pot Helianthus) S5 Sweet Pea S6 Torenia Clown XP T1 Trixi Combinations T2
Verbena Endurascape V4 Verbena Showboat & Enchantment V5 Verbena V1 Vinca Titan V2
Wallflower (Cheiranthus) F1 Sugar Rush W3 Wallflower (Cheiranthus) F1 Sunset W2 Wallflower W1 Zinna Z1


Care for Plugs on Arrival P15 Drought Tolerant Varieties for Parks P13 Perennials from Seed P14 Plant Growth Regulation G6
Plug Germination Culture Tips P16 Seed Germination Culture Tips G5  Lasting Beauty Perennial Newcomers Technical Info Guide 2020-21  Lasting Beauty Perennial Technical Info Guide 2020-21


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