01 July 2022
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29/01/2009: IPM Essen
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Top Toms for 2015


Results of the tomato trials

Interest for Patio Vegetables, in particular Tomatoes & Peppers continues to be strong.

At this last season’s Ball Colegrave Summer Open Days, visitors were given the opportunity to taste many of our most Cherry Tomato varieties to find their own favourite.

Top Tomato this year was won this year by ‘Sweet Aperitif’. The high yielding small fruits of this delicious tomato variety have an exceptional flavour. The high levels of sugar (brix value of 10.5) and acid give a particularly sweet taste with a refreshing tang.

Please see the table below for the full tasting results.

Trade information: Ball Colegrave offer an extensive range of over 400 carefully selected Vegetable, Fruit and Herb varieties as seed and plug plants. With 58 varieties of Tomatoes, 26 Hot Peppers and 20 Sweet peppers in the range, all supported with a high impact 4” colour label, there is plenty of choice for our customers to enjoy the growing interest in tasty, home grown fruit and vegetables.

Results of the Tomato Trial

For the past 4 years we have asked the visitors to taste a selection of Tomatoes from our trials and choose their favourites.

Here are the top 10:

2011 2012 2013 2014
1st F1 Sweet Million Sweet Aperitif F1 Sungold Sweet Aperitif
2nd Rosada F1 Sungold F1 Sweet Million F1 Nectar
3rd F1 Suncherry Premium Chocolate Cherry F1 Sakura F1 Sungold
4th F1 Trilly F1 Suncherry Premium Golden Crown F1 Suncherry Premium
5th Sparta Rosada F1 Suncherry Premium F1 Black Opal
6th F1 Sungold F1 Sweet Million F1 Nectar F1 Sweet Million
7th Mini Charm Golden Crown F1 Supersweet 100 Golden Crown
8th F1 Tomatoberry F1 Trilly F1 Trilly F1 Floridity
9th F1 Ship Saint F1 Floridity F1 Tomatoberry F1 Santonio NEW
10th Sakura F1 Supersweet 100 Black Opal F1 Red Profusion

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