23 June 2017
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Trends Garden Decorators Guide

Revolutionise Your Colour Sales

The typical home gardener visiting your Garden Centre is likely to be getting younger; they buy with their eyes, look for easy, fashionable and colourful garden solutions and are more typically cash rich, time poor.

We want to make it easy for you to capture these extra sales.

By working together with Hortipak, our Trends Garden Decorator’s Guide sets out an easy, step-by-step plan on how to transform your seasonal plant displays into a powerful selling area that your customers will love;

Step 1. Simply choose a garden style to pick out your colour collection from

Balcony Garden Contemporary Garden Bollywood Garden Seaside Garden
Sensory Garden Modern Man's Garden Family Garden Giant's Chair Garden
Sophisticated Ladies' Garden City Rooftop Garden Modern Cottage Garden

Click on any picture to view or download an example variety collection for that particular garden style. Of course you can create your own colour theme from our full catalogue range and we would be happy to help. Click Here if you want some help creating a specific colour theme.

Step 2. Pick a selection of varieties with your Grower from any of the above colour themed plant collections. Here are some examples:

City Rooftop Garden Giant's Chair Garden Modern Man's Garden Sophisticated Ladies' Garden

Step 3. Create your own personalised POS display with the help of Hortipak. Click on the picture below to visit the Hortipak website: 

The final step…

Please contact us on info@planttrends.com

Together with Hortipak we would like to help you develop a powerful retail presentation for your Garden Centre Planteria.

We can help create a colour collection of your choice, advise on plant culture or develop your own bespoke colour themed retail area.

Simply email us on info@planttrends.com and let us know what you would like either Ball Colegrave and/or Hortipak to do to help your business grow.

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