31 January 2015
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What's Growing On
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Newsletter Archive
Below are past issues of the What's Growing On Newsletter. Feel free to browse, download and print.
The Primrose Trials are looking great - not to be missed!
Christmas wishes from all at Ball Colegrave
Hurry while stocks last for premium April colour pot sales
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Ball Colegrave - What's Growing On

Your Invitation to the Spring Trial Open House

Primrose Trials on January 5th

NEW Polyanthus Showstopper Calypso

NEW Pansy Cool Wave Blue Skies

Be first to see 'What's New' for 2016

This formal trial features an extensive presentation of new introductions, experimental varieties and comparisons for Primroses, Pansy and Viola.

Primrose Pot Trial - weeks 1–6

Pansy & Viola Pack Trial - weeks 6–10

Please contact your Technical Sales Representative or Customer Services on 01295 811833 or e-mail info@ballcolegrave.com to arrange a visit.

A Primrose for all seasons...

The Ball Colegrave range of Primrose has been specially selected to make it easy for you to schedule a 6 month programme. Each series is well matched for uniformity, colour range and attention grabbing bi-colours to keep your sales sweet.

All varieties are available as seed. Our high quality Ball 230 and 350 plugs are available across the optimum delivery weeks for you to target your key sales window:

Bonneli          October to mid February
Fruelo            January to mid March
Alaska           end January to March
Husky            mid February to April


Pansy & Viola – a cut above the rest ...

Pansy Matrix™ has become the first choice Pansy for pack production. Why? It’s simple. The world’s leading breeders have design-engineered Matrix™ to exacting UK grower specifications. Its superior branching means Matrix™ covers the pack faster, resists stretching and offers greater uniformity of habit and earliness of flowering. And with 30 colours and 18 mixes, there is plenty of choice for everyone.

Viola Sorbet™ is an established variety with proven performance in pack, pot and garden. Its neat habit and adventurous range of colours make this series a world leader. The XP range of Sorbet™ offers our best matched Sorbet™ varieties with advanced genetics to give an even higher level of uniformity of flowering and habit across all colours. We recommend XP where nothing but uniformity is acceptable, plus some added benefits of novelty colours.

Pansy Cool Wave™ is the next generation of Trailing Pansy from seed, opening up a whole new Pansy market in baskets and containers. No other series exhibits the natural ‘break’, spread and trail features across all its colours that Cool Wave™ can offer. In the garden Cool Wave™ simply won't dissapoint with its exceptional overwintering performance and being the first Pansy to break colour in the Spring!

Follow Cool Wave™ on Facebook and Twitter, register as a stockist or personalise your own POS programme. Just Click Here to get started.

All Ball Colegrave Pansy and Viola are available as seed or plugs offering a full 12 month window of sales opportunities.

For more information please contact your technical sales representative or customer services on info@ballcolegrave.com

Ball Colegrave Ltd.

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