30 May 2016
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Vertical Gardening with VertiGarden

The completely enclosed VertiGarden growing module with built in irrigation creates a very efficient and practical way to grow plants vertically. The versatility of the VertiGarden system means that any vertical location offering reasonable growing conditions can be turned into a vertical garden.

It is easy to connect multiple modules together to create the most imaginative of displays.

Each VertiGarden Module is 500mm x 400mm with a depth of about 90mm (20" x 16" x 3"). A module comprises of an outer metal frame, a grow tray and lid, a mesh top and an inline internal irrigation system.

To ensure an even distribution of plants in your Vertical Garden, the
VertiGarden grow tray is divided internally into four sections each having its own two inline drippers and drainage. 16 plants and 10 litres of good quality compost are required for each module

The opportunities are endless - living walls, special displays, living pictures, living signs...

For more information, please visit www.vertigarden.co.uk

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