16 November 2018
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Petunia Black Velvet

So what is the story? ...

The world’s first ever black Petunia was first shown to the UK trade this past year. The interest of Nurseries and Garden Centres was encouragingly strong. But never did anyone realise the buzz this breeding break-through would create with the media and subsequent public excitement.

The colour black is very rare in the plant world and most black plants are simply dark purple. True black would be rather difficult to place in the garden in any quantity, but they are immensely beautiful and therefore very appealing.

It took four years for Ball flower breeder Jianping Ren to develop the variety that she says was no easy task. “The black colour did not exist in Petunias before, so it has to come from the right recombination of a novel colour mutant and multiple regular colour genetic backgrounds. It is difficult and very different from breeding true blue flowers because at least there are some blue flowers you can start with,” she says. “It’s unique and unusual, and opens the door for more new colours.”

Dark flowers and foliage make great accents in combinations and gardens, allowing their surrounding companions to really stand out. Try Petunia ‘Black Velvet’ with White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink flowers.

‘Black Velvet’ is a perfect fit for premium baskets and containers, this combo-friendly Petunia partners well with almost any other colour because as any fashion conscious shopper knows …….black goes with anything!

These upright and mounded plants are early to flower, have a tightly branched habit and are filled with colour all season long. Perfect for 9 -13cm pots and planted patio tubs for the mid Summer impulse market. Saleable plants in just 6 -8 weeks from potting.

Height and spread: 20 - 30 cm (8 – 12”).

Best Practices For Petunia Black Velvet

If subjected to stress conditions, Black Velvet can display a variance in flower pattern or purpling of the flower. Once positioned in a stable environment, ie. consistent high light levels and no large temperature swings, the flower colouring will stabilise.

Monitor your conditions to provide the richest, fullest colour of Petunia Black Velvet and make it a top performer. Maintain high light and stable temperature, and avoid late applications of B-Nine growth regulator, to ensure a strong colour show.

Click on the image to view our Best Practices video.

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