22 October 2016
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Spring Additions 2016

Maximise Your Colour Sales

Since the release of our 2016 Plant Catalogue, we have extended our product offering with 60 great new introductions now featured in the Spring Additions Brochure.

How often do we hear that ‘Old is New’? You may associate this with the music industry or the Fashion Industry where products disappear for a period of time, only to be re-launched to a later generation as ‘New’. We as an industry at times also share this cycle and with this in mind we are delighted to launch in this brochure our new range of Whetman Pinks. From our extensive trialling this year we have chosen two ranges;

The ‘Old’ traditional ‘Garden Pinks’ border range includes varieties such as ‘Doris’, which as a variety has stood the test of time and of course many of you will recognise. Be sure to have a look at the range, there is a whole new generation of customers that have not enjoyed these varieties before.

The ‘New’, we are also pleased to offer a ‘Scented Pinks’ range featuring some of the very latest and best breeding with the added attraction of scent for today’s market.

For the many visitors who visited us this summer, you will recognise many varieties in this list. The ‘Blue Flag’ award scheme was as popular as ever with a clear winner Petunia ‘Night Sky’; a completely different look that is sure to be a ‘must have’ plant at retail. Click here to see the 2015 Summer Showcase Blue Flag results

Coleus ‘Campfire’ ran a close second with its vibrant and contrasting bronze foliage, heavily contested by the Osteospermum ‘3D’ offering the second generation of double flowered forms that stay open during the higher temperatures of summer.

Our comprehensive Begonia offering is greatly enhanced with three new series. ‘Northern Lights’ is a wonderful series of double and semi-double flower forms that will add more colour and interest to your basket and container offering. ‘Sweet Scent’ is set to be a huge hit with consumers once they smell that fragrance, and ‘Fortune’ offers great garden and container versatility and a wide colour range.

Pencil this date in your diary; 11th - 28th July 2016. Join us at our Annual Summer Showcase where together we can share our thoughts and ideas so that you too can be the first to find room to fit some of these new varieties into your cropping schedule. I know your customers will not be disappointed.

WebTrack™ … a smart way to do business

More than 50% of our customers have now registered with WebTrack™, are you? This free and easy to use electronic service offers an enormous number of great features including:

• More control of your ordering with a faster booking process
• The ability to check and book stock from our ‘Live’ availability 24/7
• Your own online filing cabinet to view, save or print past invoices, accounts statements and seed packing lists
• The opportunity to become more ‘green’ by going paperless with invoices and statements

Log on to www.ballcolegrave.co.uk and start taking advantage of these great features today. If you haven’t registered yet, do so today ... it’s quick and easyjust click here 

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